5 tips on how to take care of men’s hair

The hair is one of the most treasured parts of our body. It gives you confidence and a general impression on what you look like. That’s why we strive to keep our hair healthy and style them according to our own liking.

Men and women have different ways of taking care of hair. It is often women who are known to be more mindful of their hair than those of men. That’s why some people assume that men are more prone to hair problems.

But hair loss and damage is not a sexist concern. It’s not a gender-based issue because there is no real difference between men and women’s hair. 

Here are 5 tips on how to take care of your hair!  

  1. Don’t shampoo everyday – They say that men don’t last long in the shower because they don’t do much other than a quick lather of soap and shampoo on the hair. However, applying shampoo everyday causes more harm than good.

Our scalp secretes an essential oil called “sebum” to keep our scalp free from infection and nourishes our hair to keep it healthy. Shampooing on a daily basis can dry the oil from your scalp, making your hair look brittle and dry.

  1. Don’t get lazy on conditioners – Conditioners are undeniably hard to rinse after applying it, which most men find time consuming. That’s why men settle only with shampoos.

Remember that applying conditioner keeps our hair moisturized after being stripped by shampooing. It’s best to leave it on the hair for a good two minutes and rinse it thoroughly so that dusts in the air won’t stick on your hair. 

Make sure to be consistent on applying conditioner to strengthen your hair and to achieve a silky smooth feeling. 

  1. Wash your hair properly – To properly wash your hair, massage your scalp and comb your hair when applying shampoo or conditioner. You can use your hands or a regular comb to make sure that all of your hair gets even nourishment. 

It’s also preferable to rinse your hair with running water because it washes down impurities that can make your hair sticky and prone to dirt.  

  1. Go easy on bleaching your hair – Having a unique hair color looks cool and gives off a new vibe, but make sure that you’re not overdoing it. There are men who love to color their hair frequently and that can be very harmful, especially when a lot of bleaching is involved. 

Even when used correctly, hair dyes can be toxic on your scalp and hair. It can irritate your skin and leave your hair frizzy.

But if you love dyeing your hair, then just make sure that you’re using the right shampoo and you’re consistent with conditioning. There are shampoos that wash away your hair color, so choosing the right one is important to keep the color from fading. Lastly, never forget to apply conditioner to keep your hair smooth and moisturized. 

Everything You Need to Know About Hair Bleach

Everything You Need to Know About Hair Bleach

Having different hair colours is exciting as it allows a person to fully express their own style. Given that not all people were blessed to be born blonde, those who would want to have a lighter shade of hair colour would have to have it bleached first. 

Among the EDGE Beauty Bar services that we offer is hair bleaching. With that, our customers can have the chance to fully achieve the colour that they wish for. So, if you are not that familiar with hair bleaching and what it does to your hair, then make sure to check this out. 

What is hair bleach?

Hair bleach is a chemical dye that helps lighten your natural hair colour. More often than not, this leaves your hair one or two shades lighter than how it actually is. The intensity of how it can lighten your hair comes in different levels that depend on how you need it. 

Although some people prefer bleaching their own hair at home, we highly recommend that the process should be done with the help of professionals. As much as it is easy to apply, bleach should always be prevented from having any contact with the skin since it may cause some chemical burns. This is the reason why our staff always makes sure that they wear gloves whenever they bleach someone’s hair. 

Bleach works with the process of oxidation. This process enables the bleach to strip off the pigment from your hair shaft after it has been fully absorbed. It also helps raise your hair’s outer cuticle so that the bleaching agent can penetrate completely.

The most common hair bleach 

There are many types of hair bleach that are being used. The most common ones are hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. These two are most of the time combined with one another since their properties, once combined, will make it easier to lighten the colour of your hair. 

Popular bleached hair colours 

If you are wondering about the most popular bleached hair colours, then here are some of those. 

  • Muted auburn
  • Strawberry blonde
  • Honey hair
  • Undone blonde
  • Bronde
  • Ash grey

What to expect in a bleaching session

If you haven’t had your hair bleached before, then you may be clueless about what happens in a session. With that, here are some things that you may expect in your hair bleaching session. 

  • Make sure that you are making the right decision about your bleached hair since the process will take hours on the salon chair. 
  • If it’s your first time being bleached, then you may feel a crawling itchy sensation on your scalp while your hair is being bleached. 
  • Be honest about your hair history since hairstylists need to know about the treatments that you’ve had in the past. 

Ready to have your hair bleached? If so, then make sure to visit us here at EDGE Beauty Bar! 

Everything You Need to Know About Keratin Treatments

Everything You Need to Know About Keratin Treatments 

Having dry and frizzy hair sure is irritating as it always tends to lead you to a bad hair day. As simple shampoos and conditioners seem insufficient in treating damaged hair, then it may be best for you to have a nice hair treatment to fix that problem. 

One of the treatments which you may want to go through is keratin treatment. Gladly, it is one of those which we offer among our EDGE Beauty Bar services. So, if you are curious about what this treatment is all about, then here is some helpful information which can help you decide if you need to have this treatment or not. 

What is keratin treatment? 

Technically, keratin is a major protein that is present in our hair. This acts both as external protection and internal protein. However, it is with external factors such as sunlight that the keratin in our hair gets depleted. This causes our hair to become dry and frizzy. 

With the help of a keratin treatment, keratin is then added to the hair, making it look healthy and frizz-free. Here, the porous spots in your hair are filled in with keratin. Once filled in, your hair is rebuilt back into its former glory as the lost protein is somehow restored. Simply put, this treatment will make you feel like you have been applied with a strong conditioner whose effect can last you for months. 


Now that you know what this process really is, then here are the steps which are being made in order to complete the treatment which lasts for approximately three hours. 

  1. The hair is washed thoroughly with shampoo. Conditioner is not being used in this treatment since keratin will act as a deep conditioner. 
  2. Then, the hair is blow-dried in order to remove all the moisture. 
  3. Next, the keratin solution is applied. 
  4. Afterwards, the hair is left for the treatment to set for a while. 
  5. Once set, the hair is blow-dried once more. 
  6. The treatment is then ended after the hair is flat-ironed. Aside from making your hair straighter, the flat iron is used to help seal the solution within the strands of your hair. 


You won’t be allowed to wash or tie your hair for at least 48 hours. Usually, it is after your hair treatment that your stylists may advise you to use their recommended products so that the effects of the keratin can stay longer. 


Overall, keratin treatment will make your hair become shinier and more manageable. Unlike other popular treatments, keratin treatment will not alter the structure of your hair. Instead, its focus is simply to restore the condition of your hair and not to straighten it. So, make sure to drop by if you think that your hair needs this!