EDGE Beauty Bar | Meet Our Staff

Our main goal is to make you feel more beautiful and confident by helping you achieve your dream hairstyle and overall look. With several options to choose from, we have continued to deliver our promise of making our customers feel happier and prettier. 

What we do is not that hard as each one of us is beautiful in our own ways. However, it is in the special hands of our EDGE Beauty Bar team that we are able to do what we had promised. With their skilled hands, they are able to transform our customers to the ravishing people that they really are. 

If you ever happened to visit us before, then you would know how amazing our staff really is. Aside from their skills, they are also friendly and very much easy to talk to when you have some concerns about maintaining and achieving your best looks. 

With that, here are some of our beloved staff who show so much dedication to their craft. 

  • Owner: Katie Porter B. Ed

As the owner of EDGE Beauty Bar, it was with Katie’s vision that this salon was brought to life. With her passion to make use of her skills and knowledge in the beauty industry, she chose to work with many other skilled beauty professionals. 

Having started with hairstyles, she then ventured into making other services possible so that our customers will have an amazing pampering experience when they come and visit us. 

  • Estheticians: Julie Thorne and Ashley Ann Lawlor 

As our main estheticians, Julie and Ashley have well taught us things when it comes to beauty. Specializing in facials and other skin treatments, we were able to improve the services that we have. With that, our customers can be confident that they are in the right hands.  

With the special skills that they have, they are also able to deliver with the special requests that are being made by our customers. 

  • Hairstylists: Austin Hunt and Selena Hussy 

Of course, great makeup should always be made with an impressive hairstyle. With that, it is in the hands of Austin and Selena that we entrust our customers. With the special skills and knowledge that they have about hair, they can help our customers achieve a dreamy hairstyle that will work best with their makeup look. 

Aside from just styling, these two are also very knowledgeable about other hair services that we offer. Specifically, hair cuts, hair dye, and other hair treatments that can help your crowning glory be in its most beautiful condition. 

These people are just some of those whom we work with. Aside from them, we also have a lot of other staff that help complete our team. Altogether, we aim to be one of the best beauty bars out there. So, if you’re like them, feel free to visit us and be a part of our growing team!