EDGE Beauty Bar: Hair Service

The world is full of wonders, and one curious thing is our hair. 

We know that hair is already a dead matter. But, like in any other part of our body, it deserves the same care and attention. You might ponder the question, ‘why bother aiming for healthy hair when it’s already dead?’ That’s a good thought, and here’s EDGE to answer it for you through our hair service.

Treat your hair

Hair is made up of keratin. It is a tough, protective protein that also forms our skin, nails, and other internal organs. In spite of being a ‘dead’ matter, it, in fact, needs to be treated. But, it’s not really the hair strands we are referring to. It is the inside of the structure. Deep inside of it is a hair bulb, which is where the actual living hair is. 

As the hair grows and pushes its old cells to make room for new ones, the latter stay rooted in your scalp and skin. Hence, hair products and treatments don’t target the strands, rather your scalp and hair follicles. That is why here in EDGE Beauty Bar, we don’t just style your hair, we deeply take good care of it. Please see our full EDGE Beauty Bar hair services and their low-cost prices.

Hair Service: Women and Men


  1. Haircut

All of the latest haircut trends can be swiftly done by our expertly trained hairdressers. Just show them your go-to inspiration look and they’ll make the magic happen. If, on the other hand, you don’t have any idea as of the moment, their wide knowledge could suggest to you something that suits your face shape.

  1. Hair colour (bespoke hair colour)

Opt for a simple look with your denim jeans and T-shirt? Hair dye could definitely add more style and colour to complete your outfit.

  1. Hair treatments

Protect your scalp and hair follicles with our science-based hair treatments along with the most up to date equipment.

  1. Bridal styling

EDGE wishes you a happy marriage through our perfect, creative wedding hairstyles. This service is also open for bridesmaids, groomsmen, as well as attendees. 

  1. Hair perm and straightening

Get your desired hairstyle permanently through this service as it doesn’t damage your scalp.


  1. Men’s grooming

Enjoy our men’s grooming service with our buzz cut, standard cut, or any desired style that you wish. We also include beard trim and hot towel shave.

Give us a call

Care to try one of our facial treatments? You may set an appointment with us either by call or here on our website. Simply log in on our site and go to our Calendar page. If you have any questions, you may find our contact details on our Contact Us page. From there, you could also send us a message by filling out our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.


Dry Cut $27.50
Wash/Cut/Style $37.50
Blowout $30
Curly Cut $55
Hot Towel Service $10
Treatment $10
Up-do $60
Down-do $45

Regrowth $100
Color $120+
Foils $130+
Color & Foils $150+
Ombre/Balayage $150
Toner application $15
Color Wash $20
Extensions: Consult
Corrective Color: Consult


Buzz Cut $15
Standard Cut $22.50
Wash/Cut/Style $25
Beard Trim $10
Hot Towel Shave $30


Little kids’ dry cuts (0-5 years) $16.50
Big kids’ dry cuts (5-12 years) $21.50
Kids Shampoo (add on) $10
Girls’ color $60
Boys’ color $45
Updos: $25-$40
Dance Bun: $20

Prices are subject to tax.

Price may vary based on level of stylist, length of hair, amount of time needed, etc.