EDGE Beauty Bar only uses trusted brands in all of our services from hair care to facials! These brands are household names in the country they were first developed with some becoming renowned brands across continents!

We pride ourselves in giving only the best beauty care and services to our clients. We believe they deserve the best results and that is why we trust in the products we use. The EDGE Beauty Bar products we use are:

  • Joico
  • DevaCurl
  • Wella
  • Sebastian 
  • Entity Beauty
  • Zoya 

Take a look at our guide below if you want to learn more about the groundbreaking powers of our trusted brands. Let us know if you have any special requests on any of these products! Clients may purchase our on-hand units. 

EDGE Beauty Bar products


Joico has been around for over 44 years. Since the discovery of the benefits of using keratin protein in hair care, Joico scientists conducted methods for more effective hair treatments. The constant search for better formulas led to the production of exclusive blends of lipids, amino acids, and ceramides to give users softer and smoother hair. 

These blends paved the way for hair colour usage among customers and professionals. Joico products continue to give vibrant colours to strands all the while protecting its natural shine and health. Joice has since produced trusted hair products that beauty salons swear by. 

Joico’s mission is to lift the spirit of colour and vitality through innovations in hair care. Healthy hair is not impossible with Joico! 

A few of the best-selling hair products that Joico produces are:

  • Defy Damage series
  • JoiFull series
  • Blonde Life series
  • Hydrasplash series
  • Colour Balance series
  • K-Pak Color Therapy
  • Style and Finish
  • Moisture Recovery series
  • Color Infuse Red

Get the most out of the best hair care and hair colour treatments from Joice with EDGE Beauty Salon!

2. Wella

Wella is probably one of the most famous hair brands in Germany and possibly the world. They have been around for over 135 years and the passion for hair care has not stopped growing. Wella’s long history in the hair industry continues to be trusted in salons. 

From the permanent hair waves to demi-permanent hair colour, Wella takes pride in the pursuit of quality hair formulas for happy clients all over the world. This award-winning hair brand continues to take the hair industry to a whole new level with their products. EDGE Beauty Bar swears by the efficacy of Wella products and hopes to inspire more clients to get the results they truly deserve. 

Wella had Hollywood icons as endorsers namely Elizabeth Taylor, Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith, and Cheryl Ladd. Not only does the brand make groundbreaking products but they also pay it forward by putting up programmes on hairdressing and life skills for the youth. 

Some of their hair products and colour treatments that professionals and clients swear by are:

  • Fusionplex Hair Recovery series
  • Koleston Perfect series
  • Color Touch 
  • Color Fresh
  • Color Renew
  • Wellaplex
  • Eimi Styling series
  • ColorMotion +
  • Invigo series
  • Oil Reflections
  • Illumina Colour

Wella also produces hair appliances and tools for beauty salons around the world. Their tools are safe and compatible with their hair lines. If you’re thinking about getting your hair done, make sure you ask our EDGE Beauty Bar staff to pamper you with Wella products!

3. DevaCurl

If you have naturally curly hair, you are going to love DevaCurl! In fact, you should probably stock up on their products because we swear by their efficacy to produce amazing results! Naturally curly hair is a gift but they can also be tricky to manage. It’s a good thing that DevaCurl has the perfect range for all your curly hair needs!

EDGE Beauty Salon trusts DevaCurl for treating clients with delicate and unique hair types. Curly hair can be tricky to manage but caring for them shouldn’t cost you so much trouble! DevaCurl takes pride in teaching clients how to take care of the beautiful curly locks. Their products are inspired by real communities and real stories. 

DevaCurl keeps it real by creating products that are simple. They believe that people should love their hair no matter how unique they are. DevaCurl first opened their salon in 1994 and has since grown into a massive brand that advocates for groundbreaking products that teach more people how to love their hair.

They have since put up academies that teach people how to perfect new techniques in styling and hair care. They have trained stylists use their products on clients with naturally or permed curly hair. They also test their products safely, earning the trust of clients and stylists all over the world. 

Some of their best products are:

  • SuperMousse
  • No-Poo Blue
  • Wavy Time to Shine kit
  • Curly Time to Shine kit
  • Super Curly Time to Shine kit
  • Time to Shine SuperCream
  • Double Delight 
  • Double Original
  • Double Decadence
  • Delightful Duo
  • Decadent Duo
  • Wonderous Waves Duo
  • Heaven in Hair
  • DevaFresh
  • Ultra-Defining Gel 

They also released a hair towel line that helps keep your amazing curls nice and tidy while it dries or soaks up treatments. These towel wraps are made of microfibres that absorbs water without disrupting your curls. Ask our EDGE Beauty Bar staff to pamper your curls with DevaCurl products!

4. Sebastian

Another world-class hair brand with a long history in the hair industry is Sebastian, a company founded by stylists based in Los Angeles, California. Surrounded by Hollywood glamour and style, Sebastian takes inspiration from expression and fearlessness. They are driven by a thirst for change and innovation which is why they continue to take hairstyling to a whole new level. 

Geri Cusenza crafted the world’s first crimping iron in 1972 after working on one of Barbara Streisand’s album covers. He crimped the superstar’s hair and the look simply took the world by storm. After becoming a huge hit at the New York Beauty Show, Cusenza’s crimping iron sold 2 million units after just two days!

With hairstyling innovations on the rise, better hair care formulas take the world by storm. The need for style shouldn’t come at the expense of healthy hair. This is why Sebastian came up with styling products that give off Hollywood glamour that look effortlessly done. Sebastian is also renowned for teaching young stylists to break out of their shells and build their own craft in the hair industry. 

Hairstylists from around the world swear by Sebastian products for styling and that includes EDGE Beauty Bar. 

Some of their most iconic hair products include:

  • Sebastian Cellophanes
  • Potion 9
  • Craft Clay
  • Texture Maker
  • Dark Oil
  • Sebastian Twisted series
  • Sebastian Drench series


Skin care has never been this advanced. PHYTOMER is a French brand that is trusted by estheticians all over the world. PHYTOMER has been breaking barriers in skincare for nearly 50 years! They use natural ingredients from the sea to bring out the best of men and women’s skin. 

PHYTOMER was launched in 1972 in Saint-Malo, France and has since been run by the same family. For three generations, PHYTOMER continues to give clients and beauty salons the best skin care products and treatments. 

PHYTOMER scientists develop powerful products that are inspired by the wonders of the sea. EDGE Beauty Bar swears by the science behind PHYTOMER’s formulas and continues to use them in their facial packages. 

Some of their best-selling products are:

  • Pioneer XMF
  • Hydra Original
  • Citylife
  • Prebioforce
  • Expert Youth
  • Emergence
  • P5 Lotion

6. Entity Beauty

Colour and empowerment in one brand. Entity Beauty continues to provide beauty salons with a wide range of vibrant and quality nail polishes that are trusted by partners from around the world. The brand aims to empower users with new ideas and tools. 

You’ll find that superior service and quality can be found on your fingertips! Entity Beauty is made of a team that is dedicated to bringing out the best of colour with every polish and tool they produce. EDGE Beauty Bar has a collection of Entity Beauty nail polish colours and tools that loyal clients love coming back to!

7. Zoya

Today, Zoya remains to be one of the best-known nail polish and tool brands in the world. Founded in 1986 by Zoya and Michael Reyzis, the brand evolved from a simple nail salon into a massive brand that aims to give users the nails they deserve. 

Zoya was one of the first brands to remove toxic chemicals from nail polish formulas and has since produced nail, skin, and spa products that are safe and effective. Zoya continues to be featured in top fashion magazines for their quality and service. 

EDGE Beauty Bar aims to give their clients the best results from our services which is why we trust Zoya products. From nail care to cuticle treatments, you’ll find that your nails will look fresh and edgy with every visit!

EDGE Beauty Bar proudly offers Joico, Wella, Deva Curl, Sebastian, Phytomer, Entity Beauty & Zoya products. Our product lines are designed for a variety of skin and hair types to suit individual needs, such as organic, paraben-free and sulfate-free products.